Children of Morrowind - conflicts and solutions

Known conflicts/incompatibilities:

Children of Morrowind will run problem-free in most games.

There are however some known conflicts with other mods that you should be aware of. Most of them can be sorted out if you use
this patch, made by Abot.

Children of Morrowind does not get along with Tombs Expanded. Although there is nothing wrong with any of the mods, using them together will cause your game to crash on loading! However, if you want to use the mods together, there is now a new way to deal with, which will be explained below.

If you are using Children of Morrowind together with MCA Guards add-on, saves made in exterior city cells may be corrupted on loading. Advice: Save in interior cells instead.

If you are using Abot's patch and you are still experiencing problem, there are other ways to deal with them:


Thanks to extensive trouble-shooting and valuable suggestions by DWS, Gen_Lee, Harborgolfer, Abot, The Prodigy One, Ninefold, Gez, Peter, Raziel and Wildkarrde, there now exist at least two well-working solutions if you want to run TE and CoM together or if you for other reasons are experiencing problems.

1) Solution for those who avoid using various tools and/or don't experience more than random problems or who just want to have a security backup:

Before you exit the game, go into an interior cell and rest for +72 gamehours (or just wait in the cell for + 72 hours). This will make the '
72-hours-bug/feature' reset all cells. Save again. Exit game. If you should have problems loading your other saves, you will still be able to load this one. (This workaround is suggested by Wildkarrde)

2) Solution for those who want to run TE and CoM together, or who are experiencing problems with loading their saves:

Wrye Mash is a wonderful tool, and it will help you to sort this out in less than three minutes.

This instruction is made by The_Prodigy_One:
1. Open Wyre Mash, and go to the 'Mods' tab
2. Uncheck MW_Children_1.0.esm by clicking on the checkbox
3. Go to the 'Saves' tab and left click on your save
4. Right click on the box in the lower right corner of Mash (the masters list- it will list all the files you have running), and then click save
5. Left click on your save and select 'repair all' (this takes about 36 seconds on my computer)
6. It should give you a list of remached references and/or orphaned references
7. Your save should now be free of all CoM references
8. Go back to the 'mods' tab and re-activate the CoM esm file
9. Load your game (it should work this time) then save and exit Morrowind.
10. Use the 'repair all' function on your save again, just in case (I do this every time I exit morrowind- it prevents doubling and cleans my game of dirty refs)

That's it! The whole process should take no more than a minute or two, depending on how fast your game starts up.

Even if we now seem to have solutions to how to deal with the problems, I do want to keep track of CoM and make sure that it doesn't cause any problems. If you are experiencing problems, please read and if possible also post your modlist in this thread at my forums. If you have found other solutions than those posted above, I would also be very grateful if you cared to post them.

- Emma -