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NOTE: The current version of this mod may be found at: and . If you have received this program from any other source it may not be the latest version.

Requires: Bloodmoon and Tribunal

1. Intro
2. Credits
3. Installation
4. Faq-section
5. Terms of usage
6. Uploading etc

This mod adds 330 talking, playing, interacting children of various ages and of all races to exterior and interior locations in Morrowind, Mournhold and Solstheim. Thanks to the awesome work by Regan, it even includes babies-in-papooses, which is something I had never even dreamt of seeing in Morrowind! It also adds a few playgrounds to the exteriors. As this is an esm-file, it can be used as a masterfile for addons and various mods that includes children. Please read the "Useage"-part below for further information!
If you should want to use this esm to make a mod or an add-on for public release, please contact me in advance!

- Emma -


No man is an island, and although I may be the one who have spent most working hours on this project, it certainly takes many people with many different skills to make a mod like this. I have already mentioned Regan, whose work certainly has taken this mod to a new level. But there are others as well... Without the help from friends, family, fellow modders and MW-players, the idea of children in Morrowind wouldn't have come true.
So, I would say that, apart from me, this mod is actually made by (in alphabetical order):

Anghardel: voice acting
Apophis2412: playtesting
Arathrax: headmeshes and hairs (from Better Heads)
Ashton: voice acting
BadKarma: playtesting
Bloodreaver: voice acting
Brash: who initiated this whole idea with her "Generations"-mod, where she among other things showed how clothings could be used as bodyparts in order to avoid problems with BB-compatibility
Brash and Junkmail: Teddybear mod (modder's resource) (web-site: )
Cait: dog model (from farm animals resource pack) (web-site: )
Canadian Ice: human version of Rhedd's WE-hair (web-site:
Celya: voice acting
Cliffworms: voice acting
Dilord: voice acting
Doomsayer: voice acting, playtesting
Ducis: voice acting, playtesting
DWS: playtesting
Elsu: support and playtesting 
Emil: voice acting
Emily: voice acting
Eveeran_Knight: Coaching of voice actors, voice editing, encouragement and support, playtesting
Evileyebrows: playtesting
Garry: helping me with the voice editing, teaching me how to edit voices, encouragement and support.
Gorg: hairs (from Better Heads and various hair packs)
Grumpy: toy sword, scripting advice, encouragement and support 
Hodoku with sister: voice acting/recording
Isaac: voice acting
JOG: Trouble shooting, scripting advice
Killer Britt: voice acting
Kimmie: voice acting
Knownalien: playtesting
Lady Eternity: apple (modder's resource) (web-site:
Maja: voice acting
Mercurybard: voice acting, playtesting
Mighty_Joe_Young: finding freeware playground and various toys
MistyMoon: playtesting
MotokiMO: models - resized woodelf head
Mourndark with family: voice acting/recording
NeilV: playtesting
Nigedo: scripting and scripting advice, valuable suggestions and support. Also the guarskin target board.
Pendraia: clothings (skirts, dress, shirt)
Pester: playtesting
Peter: playtesting
Princess_Stomper: fairy tale books from the "Fairytales of Vvardenfell"-mod, playtesting, proofreading
Redguard_Slayer with family: voice acting/recording
Regan: models - toys, weapons, resized heads and hairs, and, above all, the baby-in-papoose! (PM at Bethesda's forum or at Rethan Manor's Forum)
Rhedd: headmeshes, heads and hairs (web-site:
Riptide: playtesting
RX31: several new animations (PM at Bethesda's Forum)
SciFiGuy52: voice acting
Sirius Snape: resized hairs for human kids
Sorcha Ravenloch: playtesting
Squelchy Underfoot: playtesting
Straydog: playtesting
The Other Felix: valuable suggestions, scripting, advice and troubleshooting, encouragement and support
Thread_Whisperer: various valuable suggestions and troubleshooting, encouragement and support
Tmartin827: playtesting
TrojanX: voice acting, playtesting
Tyler321: playtesting
Zarathustra with friends: Voice acting/recording
Zyndaar: models - wooden sword and toybow with blunt arrows (forum:

I have gone through all files included and tried to recapitulate which people have contributed.If I have left someone out, please understand that this has not been my intention! If your name should have been listed here, please contact me at:, and I will update this readme-file.


This rar-file includes the following: 
1 bsa-file
1 subfolder "Sound"
1 esm-file
1 zip-file with the program bsa-reg

Place the esm-file and the bsa-file in your Morrowind data files directory (place the bsa-file together with your esp-files. DROP the "sound" subfolder into your datafiles directory. It will automatically merge with your previously existing "Sound"-subfolder. 
Double-click on the BSAReg.exe inside the included zip-file. This will update your MW ini, so that Morrowind will "know" that the new bsa-package is there.
You are now ready to use the Children of Morrowind-mod!

(Please note: BSAReg by Ghostwheel will not work if Morrowind has been copied or moved to it's current location because Morrowind will not have a correct entry in the system registry for BSAReg to reference. If so, the Morrowind.ini file in the Morrowind folder will need to be edited manually to include a reference for the MW_Children_1_0.bsa. 


Locate the "Archives" header in the Morrowind.ini file and add a reference for MW_Children_1_0.bsa as shown in the following examples.. 

Archive 0=Tribunal.bsa 
Archive 1=Bloodmoon.bsa 
Archive 2=MW_Children_1_0.bsa 


Archive 0=Tribunal.bsa 
Archive 1=Bloodmoon.bsa 
Archive 2=TH_MASTER-V0-5.bsa 
Archive 3=MW_Children_1_0.bsa

(instructions provided by Elsu))


Q: What does this mod add?
A: 330 children of various ages, all races are represented. Also 20 babies, carried by their parents. Playgrounds in Balmora, Ald-ruhn, Seyda Need, Sadrith Mora, Suran, Gnisis and Caldera.

Q: How will this mod affect fps?
A: All mods that adds new npcs will affect fps. I have avoided to put many kids in areas that are well-known for fps issues. For instance, there are not many children playing in Balmora or Ebonheart. Many children are placed in the small villages like Hla Oad, Ald Velothi, Khuul, Dagon Fel. Many children are placed indoors; teenagers are apprentices at guilds and temples, small kids are at home with their parents, there are children in the various Vivec plazas.
According to the playtesters, this mod won't ever affect fps with more than 2 fps. I have tried out the mod on a low end laptop, and it caused no problems.

Q: How can I interact with the kids?
A: You can talk to them, and once they know you well enough and like you well enough, you can buy them various gifts (candies, toys, fairytale books) from the shops to further improve their disposition towards you.

Q: What happens if I attack the children?
A: All the children have been told by they parents that they should instantly use their recall-home amulet (no, you won't find any amulet on them) in case they get attacked by some evil-looking Nerevarine-wannabee. I.e. if you attack them, they will simply vanish.
This was a decision that I made early on in the production, for many reasons. Several MW-players have lent the voice of their own kids to this project; I owe it to them to make sure that the MW-kids will not be deliberately violated. Also, this is an "atmosphere"-mod. To have killable children in such a mod is not more relevant than having chop-able trees in an atmosphere-mod that adds new trees to Morrowind.

Q: Will there be any add-ons to this mod?
A: Yes, certainly. Right now, I'm working on an add-on where the teenagers will be playable. I'm also working on a "quick-version" of children that you can bring home and take care of. I am planning to make a more thorough child-companionmod where you can adopt an orphan (i.e. companionable children of various ages and races). I'm also planning an add-on that will add a child to "White Wolf of Lokken" (this will probably be more than one add-on, as people have different wishes of age and sex of the child).
But, also, this is an esm, and if someone else would like to use this esm as a base for add-ons or their own stories, I think that would be great. But if it's a public release, I of course want the modder to contact me in advance and discuss it. Please read more in the Terms of useage section below.

Terms of useage:

As already stated, if someone else would like to use this esm as a base (master-file) for add-ons or their own stories, I think it would be great. As long as your mod doesn't include deliberate slaughtering or violating the children, that is. Reason for this: I feel I have a responsibility towards the parents who have lent the voices of their children for this project. Therefore, I couldn't possibly approve of add-ons or mods where these parents would see a child sounding like their own being violating. 

This doesn't mean that add-on children have to be immortal, though. For instance, the children in "White Wolf of Lokken" aren't immortal. It simply means what I say: I wouldn't want to see this mod as a base for mods where the purpose is violating the children. 

If you are planning to make a mod for a public release, I however want you to contact me in advance, and I would also want to be able to link to your mod. I also have a huge amount of voice files on my computer that aren't included in the base mod but can be very useful in add-ons.
You can contact me:
a) at my forum: (probably the fastest way to get a reply)
b) via e-mail:, 
c) via PM at Bethesda's forums or Elder Scroll's Central.

After 2,5 years of modding, I know that the MW Community is a good one, and therefore I take for granted that my wishes will be respected. Should however anyone use material from this mod to without my knowledge upload anything that includes violating or any kind of abusing of the children, I will contact the site owner and do my best to have that mod pulled. Not for my own sake, but for the sake of those parents who have lent the voices of their children to this project. 

I am planning to make some add-ons, myself: one where you can adopt an orphan (i.e. companionable children of various ages and races) and a child add-on for "White Wolf of Lokken". I'm also right now making an add-on that will make teenagers playable, and I'm making a "light-version" of companionable children for those who want to take care of a child before the adoption-mod is finished.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to use models, textures etc without using the esm-file as a masterfile, you will have to contact the original creators, for instance Regan for the papoose models and various hair models, Zyndaar for the toybow, wooden sword and arrows, Princess_Stomper for the fairy tales, Pendraia for the child clothings, me for most of the face textures (see credits list above).
If you want to use the voice files, please contact me. This is important, as some of the parents have made special requests regarding the usage of their children's voices.

Uploading etc:

The main home of this mod is on my site, and my forums,

Should something happen so that the mod is no longer available on the net, I do want you to try and contact me. In case you have been unable to reach me for more than two months, please feel free to upload this mod IN ITS CURRENT STATE to ONE of the public Morrowind download sites. Please send me an e-mail or PM to notify on this! 

Please do not upload any altered versions of this mod anywhere without my knowledge and agreement!

Please do not upload any addons or mods based on this mod without my knowledge and agreement!

- Emma