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 March 18, 1950 - June 17, 2005 

On the afternoon of June 17th, Grumpy passed away.
This was not unexpected. He was diagnosed with cancer almost a year ago, and he had known since October last year that it was terminal. Still, when the disease got worse, it came as a shock - the prognosis was that he would be here for at least another year. But, cancer is cruel and unpredictable. He got rapidly worse in the beginning of May, and after the release of our Companion Constance, he was forced to retire from modding. 

Grumpy and I have stayed in touch the whole time, and I spoke to him as late as on the evening before he died. One of the last things he said to me was that he had so much enjoyed these past three years of modding, and that he particularly valued all the friends he had made in the MW-community. 

Grumpy and I have known each other for almost three years, and as time has passed by, I have more and more realized what an exceptional person he has been. In spite of his angry-looking avatar, he was one of the kindest, most warm hearted, generous and helpful persons I have ever known, and not even the cancer could impair his high spirit and his positive view of life and mankind. I am so grateful to have had the privilege of knowing him, so grateful for his friendship. He has meant so much to me, and in my heart he will live on for the rest of my life. 

There are people who wear you out and there are people who enrich you. Grumpy was someone who enriched others, someone who gave to others just for the pleasure of giving, someone who shared for the pleasure of sharing. His mods are all proof of this. Rather than modding for "fame and glory", he created templates for others to build on. So that everyone could benefit from his work and use it for further improvements of Morrowind. 

So, please, keep on building on his templates. That is how he wanted it, and that is how it should remain. Just make sure that you add some credits to the man who so generously shared his work with you. 

- Emma -